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Dec 23

Silent Film Star Gloria Swanson (1919) in White Peacock Headdress

I’m just loving this pearly publicity photo of Gloria Swanson! Promo shot for “Male and Female” (1919), directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Available as an 8 x 10 print on eBay. Originally posted by basscabaret on Pinterest.

Dec 23

These Bright Young Things

Added some inspiration to the Pearly White Flapper board on Pinterest.

Dec 23

Rhinestoned crystal underwire bra, gstring and pasties, rhinestoned, burlesque, panty set

At just $585 this set is a total steal (just kidding). But, gahhhh, is it gorg-eous!!!

Dec 23

Great Gatsby Headpiece – Champagne Feather Fascinator – 1920s Flapper Headband – Pearl Hair…

This “Great Gatsby” style feather fascinator is $84.95 on Etsy.  Not all ladies in the 1920’s cut their hair short, at least not in the early 20’s. So if you have long hair, you can still tuck it under and add this accessory to give you an era-appropriate ‘do.

Nov 20

Kardashians Go Gatsby

The Gatsby craze is still going strong at this Kardashian birthday bash: Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday party. Get the details on the Bash That Made Her ‘Very Emotional.’ 

Nov 5

Real & Raw Musical Talent: Chada FM

Here is some real & raw musical talent for your Thursday listening pleasure.

Oct 16

Antique Pearled Pasties with Art Deco Applique and Tassle

Check out this pearly flapper inspiration, available for $55 on Etsy.

Oct 8

How to Say “I’m Drunk” Like a Flapper

What kind of drunk are you? A creative connoisseur whose palette gets less and less refined as the night goes on, or an i-love-everyoneeee happy-go-lucky drunk? A falling-over-can’t-stop-drinking-till-they-kick-me-out kinda drunk? And what about your drunken vocabulary, does it get more sophisticated or less as you stare down that empty glass? Maybe you’re the type to use colorful language to describe your state of intoxication (I’m lit, blitzed, buzzed, saucy)? Maybe you describe your state of being (I’m feelin’ it, I’m goooood). Or, maybe you’re more literal Read Post ›

Sep 30

Help, I’m Trapped in Facebook’s Absurd Pseudonym Purgatory

Oh, fb. We sure do have a love-hate relationship. I, miss Party Girl Pearl, am locked out of the Pearl Pospiech facebook account and can no longer communicate with 90% of my fans and friends. I can’t even get into the account for a short time to let everyone know what is happening. The chances of this very post being seen by our loyal Bass Cabaret fans is also very low unless I put money towards promoting it. And why Read Post ›

Aug 5

Positively Crushing on Carte Blanche

We are loving this vintage-revival jazz band, their sultry vocals, the fact that they sing in multiple languages, and best of all, that they are always perfectly styled in 1920s *white* attire (Pearl’s favorite color, of course). Their first album, Back to Henri, is available now on Amazon. Originally posted on facebook.