Great Gatsby Headpiece – Champagne Feather Fascinator – 1920s Flapper Headband – Pearl Hair…

This “Great Gatsby” style feather fascinator is $84.95 on Etsy.  Not all ladies in the 1920’s cut their hair short, at least not in the early 20’s. So if you have long hair, you can still tuck it under and add this accessory to give you an era-appropriate ‘do.

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"Party Girl" Pearl has arrived in the SF Bay Area, harvested from a virgin oyster where she had been cultured since the early 1910's. She began throwing elaborate costume parties in the 1920's on land, and by the early 2000's had become a part of the emerging electronic dance music scene. Today, Pearl blends these worlds with burlesque and the circus arts and creates immersive experiences for party-goers while supporting causes like women’s empowerment and water conservation.

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"Holy fucking mother!" - Nebakaneza