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Are you ready for the ultimate nightlife experience? Bass Cabaret immerses you in a bygone era amidst a soundscape of the best modern bass music.

Our Bass Cabaret: Bonnie & Clyde’s Wild Romance” show was a 1930s-themed tale of desperate love with performance artists portraying the infamous couple, vintage cops and robbers, and more. Bass Cabaret featured headliners Laura Low (LowRIDERz) and Jillian Ann (RITUAL), an over-the-top set design including a bank safe, jail cell, and mug shot photo booth. Performing artists included pole acrobats, contortionist, aerial silk and lyra performers, burlesque artists, duo stilt walkers, a bellydancer, and many other themed characters. VIP guests were treated to a private bar and received “money bags” as favors. Other guests enjoyed a second room of music featuring top local vendors, face painting, free popcorn and more.

Bass Cabaret: Queen of Pearls' Mad Tea PartyOur previous show in San Francisco, Bass Cabaret: the Queen of Pearls’ Mad Tea Party,” was an Alice in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass variety show and dance party with performance artists portraying your favorite characters from the classic novels as well as some new ones. Bass Cabaret featured RITUAL fashion as a headliner and an integral part of the theatrical experience, with their haute couture line of fashion being shown in an avant-garde Wonderland-themed runway show alongside performing artists including pole acrobats, burlesque artists, bellydancers, a stilt walker, and a violinist from both coasts representing New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and of course, San Francisco.

Bass Cabaret is equal parts dance party and cabaret show, combining burlesque, acrobatics and other circus arts with top DJs spinning booty-shaking bass music.

–What is a cabaret?–

Bass Cabaret is an amazing mash-up of costumes, interactive exhibits, circus arts, performances and electronic dance music. – Examiner

Cabaret is a style of variety entertainment that began in France around the turn of the 19th century, later flourishing in Germany and the United States. It typically includes music, dance, comedy, and short theatrical pieces. Bass Cabaret is a new concept which maintains the old-world charm of a traditional cabaret, combined with a modern taste in music.

–What is the music like?–

Whether you’re into dubstep, trap, glitch or any other soundsystem-rich music — or if you’re more into the titillating and visually inviting elements of the circus arts — Bass Cabaret provides all of the above in one, big 19th-century-inspired costume party. –

We define bass music in loose terms; our flavor is on the sexy side of UK bass, future bass, drum and bass, melodic dubstep, booty bass, deep house, breaks, glitch, mid-tempo, bassline… you get the idea. We provide a well-thought-out lineup of artists that enjoy playing to the crowd and are fun and sexy to watch. Many of these artists are producers and musicians in addition to DJs and they appreciate the full spectrum of Bass Cabaret as an engaging party experience for you.  We appreciate perfectly-engineered sound that feels right at a party this size, and features crisp defined highs, tailored mids and thumping lows that you can groove to on a superb speaker system. Just be sure to put your dancing shoes on and get ready for a booming good time!

–Other questions?–

Read our full FAQ here.