Help, I’m Trapped in Facebook’s Absurd Pseudonym Purgatory

Oh, fb. We sure do have a love-hate relationship.

I, miss Party Girl Pearl, am locked out of the Pearl Pospiech facebook account and can no longer communicate with 90% of my fans and friends. I can’t even get into the account for a short time to let everyone know what is happening. The chances of this very post being seen by our loyal Bass Cabaret fans is also very low unless I put money towards promoting it. And why should I put any $ towards a platform that discriminates against performers, women, LGBTQ people, etc.???

Has anyone found a reasonable alternative platform yet? Hate to abandon y’all on here, but… I can try to reinstate the PGP account, been resisting due to being morally opposed to this policy. I am going to get in touch with the #MyNameIs people as well. I wish there were more that I could do…

PLEASE share this with your friends, like & comment below with your thoughts / support / action ideas.

Original article appeared on Wired

"Party Girl" Pearl has arrived in the SF Bay Area, harvested from a virgin oyster where she had been cultured since the early 1910's. She began throwing elaborate costume parties in the 1920's on land, and by the early 2000's had become a part of the emerging electronic dance music scene. Today, Pearl blends these worlds with burlesque and the circus arts and creates immersive experiences for party-goers while supporting causes like women’s empowerment and water conservation.

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"You guys know how to throw a party!!!" - Jessica G