Antique Pearled Pasties with Art Deco Applique and Tassle

Check out this pearly flapper inspiration, available for $55 on Etsy.

"Party Girl" Pearl has arrived in the SF Bay Area, harvested from a virgin oyster where she had been cultured since the early 1910's. She began throwing elaborate costume parties in the 1920's on land, and by the early 2000's had become a part of the emerging electronic dance music scene. Today, Pearl blends these worlds with burlesque and the circus arts and creates immersive experiences for party-goers while supporting causes like women’s empowerment and water conservation.

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Wow! Wow! Wow! That was such an incredibly beautiful party and performance. Such amazing talent! One of the most amazing shows I have ever been to. Much applause to everyone involved in this - Cory Thomas