How to Say “I’m Drunk” Like a Flapper

What kind of drunk are you? A creative connoisseur whose palette gets less and less refined as the night goes on, or an i-love-everyoneeee happy-go-lucky drunk? A falling-over-can’t-stop-drinking-till-they-kick-me-out kinda drunk? And what about your drunken vocabulary, does it get more sophisticated or less as you stare down that empty glass?

flappers-drinking-togetherMaybe you’re the type to use colorful language to describe your state of intoxication (I’m lit, blitzed, buzzed, saucy)? Maybe you describe your state of being (I’m feelin’ it, I’m goooood). Or, maybe you’re more literal (I’m drunk, wasted). No matter your state of sobriety on this Thursday afternoon, we thought we’d take it back a few decades and give you a bit of a history lesson for #ThrowbackThursday and #ThursdayThursday combined.  So here are several different ways you can say “I’m drunk” like they did in the 1920s, the era of classic cocktails and speakeasies.

Whoo! In the order of increasing blood alcohol levels, here we gooo…

  1. Corked. Best used when drinking wine.  Just getting started, I’m feeling a buzz.
  2. Jazzed. Feeling buzzed, lively and energized, let’s go dance!
  3. Lit. Yep, here’s one you’ve heard before.  Feeling alive and just like the cat’s pyjamas.
  4. I’ve got an edge.  As used today.
  5. Primed. I’m ready to move to something harder. Let’s do this! Disclaimer: your friends may or may not agree with you…
  6. Canned. Let’s think about this one: something canned is pretty well preserved.  Perhaps this is used sarcastically, to indicate: I’m losing it.
  7. Potted. See canned, above.
  8. Zozzled. A bit heady, dizzy drunk.
  9. Splifficated. As in, “Quite simply, I’m spifflicated.” You may be slurring at this point and normal words have extra letters in them.
  10. Ossified. To calcify, become inflexible, or become rigid so as not to be able to dance properly anymore.  You should be getting off the dance floor soon and take a break.
  11. Tanked. H2O is on your subconscious mind. You probably need to drink more water and less booze.
  12. Adapted From:
    Plastered. You may have used this one before, but yep it’s an ancient word. You know what it means.
  13. Scrooched. As in scrunching over, hunching, scrooching is a very very wasted state.
  14. Owled. Flappers loved their animal references.  This one means, “I should be heading to bed soon.” Or alternately, “I will never go to bed, you can’t make me!!!” depending what kind of willpower you have when you start to feel sleepy drunk.
  15. Fried to the hat. I’m beat, I’ve about exhausted my energy supplies for now.
  16. Embalmed. Deathly drunk.  You are thinking about ancient Egyptians in their tombs.  Probably a sign to call a paramedic.

And your bonus:

  • Upchuck. To vomit all of your Dark & Stormy, vodka martini, and Tom Collins all over your best friend.  Maybe don’t mix those drinks next time.

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