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Oct 16

Antique Pearled Pasties with Art Deco Applique and Tassle

Check out this pearly flapper inspiration, available for $55 on Etsy.

Oct 8

How to Say “I’m Drunk” Like a Flapper

What kind of drunk are you? A creative connoisseur whose palette gets less and less refined as the night goes on, or an i-love-everyoneeee happy-go-lucky drunk? A falling-over-can’t-stop-drinking-till-they-kick-me-out kinda drunk? And what about your drunken vocabulary, does it get more sophisticated or less as you stare down that empty glass? Maybe you’re the type to use colorful language to describe your state of intoxication (I’m lit, blitzed, buzzed, saucy)? Maybe you describe your state of being (I’m feelin’ it, I’m goooood). Or, maybe you’re more literal Read Post ›