Costume Contest

The costume contest is one of our favorite parts about an evening at Bass Cabaret. We get to see *you* our guests put your own creative spin on the theme and marvel at your charisma and beauty. Winners are selected by audience applause, so the best contestants are ones that have put a good amount of effort into their look and that can win the crowd over. We have a tendency towards some pretty rowdy costume contests! Check out the photos from our previous parties below and then pick up your needle and thread and get to work on your costume.

If you need some suggestions for costumes for our next event, the Queen of Pearls’ Mad Tea Party, you can check out this blog post. We also have some special discounts with local vendors which you will receive with your ticket confirmation.

Titanic Costume Contest | Nov 23, 2013

Guests participating in the Titanic party costume contest.

Titanic costume contest in full effect.

Eric O'Berg as an undead Titanic zombie

Eric O’Berg takes the stage as an undead Titanic zombie. Emcee Odessa Lil asks him about his look.

The winner of the Titanic costume contest was Venus Starr (not pictured, somehow we didn’t get a great shot). We extend praise to all the contestants for their creativity in interpreting the Titanic theme.

French Kiss Costume Contest | May 11, 2013

Contestants of the French Kiss costume contest showing what they've got!

Contestants showing what they’ve got in a booty shake-off.

Our French Kiss show, inspired by Moulin Rouge, featured some wonderful costumes from performers and guests alike. Female winner was Hilary Roberts. Male winner was (unknown).

Bonnie & Clyde’s Valentine Costume Contest | Feb 16, 2013

Jeanna DeVille and Michael Edmondson were the crowd's favorite Bonnie & Clyde couple, measured by applause.

Left: Guests Michael Edmondson and Jeanna DeVille.
Far right: Fou Fou Ha clowns with their renegade entry.

As measured by audience applause, Jeanna (with the black parasol) and Michael (in the white button down) were the crowd’s favorite Bonnie & Clyde couple and took home the title as well as complimentary tickets to the following show. All of the couples looked fabulous and we thank them for their participation!