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Oct 8

How to Say “I’m Drunk” Like a Flapper

What kind of drunk are you? A creative connoisseur whose palette gets less and less refined as the night goes on, or an i-love-everyoneeee happy-go-lucky drunk? A falling-over-can’t-stop-drinking-till-they-kick-me-out kinda drunk? And what about your drunken vocabulary, does it get more sophisticated or less as you stare down that empty glass? Maybe you’re the type to use colorful language to describe your state of intoxication (I’m lit, blitzed, buzzed, saucy)? Maybe you describe your state of being (I’m feelin’ it, I’m goooood). Or, maybe you’re more literal Read Post ›

Jun 2

Lightning in a Bottle 2015: Party Girl Pearl’s Highlights

For Memorial Day weekend, I attended the Lightning in a Bottle #LIB music festival along with my beautiful campmates in the Oasis experience area (within the Namaste village). Top Non-Musical Moments #1) On Friday and Sunday, I hosted the Arts Co: Lab, an interactive experiment which encourages collaborative creativity. Along with Audette Sophia of Catalyst Arts, we are hosting similar events monthly throughout the Bay, if you’d like an invite to the next one, drop a line in the comments below. A Read Post ›

Oct 8

What to wear to “Queen Pearl’s Mad Tea Party” this Saturday in SF

THIS SATURDAY November 22, San Francisco’s Mighty dance club will be transformed into a Wonderland like you’ve never seen before.  One loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s classic novels, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, but with some notable additions and re- interpretations. The Queen of Pearls’ Mad Tea Party is being held as an un-birthday celebration for Pearl and all those within her Queendom, as well as those of the neighboring Queendoms of the Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Read Post ›

Sep 10

Introducing Bass Cabaret’s “Meet the Cast” Interview Series

Hunny Bunny fixes her lipstick backstage

Come one, come all! Bass Cabaret would like to introduce our newest digital installment, an exclusive interview series giving you a behind-the-scenes peek at the inner workings of your favorite bass music costume party and the people you have watched grace the Bass Cabaret stage over the past few years.  It’s time to shed new light on your favorite DJs, dancers, visual artists, vendors, and more.  Within this ongoing series, we will catch up with past and future performers and Read Post ›

Aug 23

PartyGirl Pearl’s Playa Packing List

Is it obvious I love alliteration? Here’s my bougie guide to playa packing for those going to Burning Man this week, from a 3-year playa princess (not to be confused with a sparkle pony). If you aren’t going to the festival… well, I am sorry you did not get a ticket. FASHION Playa boots – wedge heels if you want some height, otherwise flat and comfortable boots like those worn around London. Leather is great, so is pleather. I found Read Post ›