Bass Cabaret: A Burlesque Show where Worlds Collide

Imagine a burlesque show where glistening performers sport colorful fishnets, tutus and lace-up boots while dancing atop a giant teapot. There is fog everywhere and it’s lit up like the aurora borealis. Fellow guests in intricately-beaded bodices and steampunk couture dance the night away to to best underground dance music — some just sporting a modest pair of pasties. If you are too lazy to imagine this eccentric scene, you can experience it for yourself at Bass Cabaret: the Queen of Pearls’ Mad Tea Party.

Bass Cabaret is a seductive burlesque show set to booty-shaking bass music, bringing the electronic music and the performing arts scenes together in a beautiful collision of the best talent and people from the Bay area and beyond. This unique burlesque show features theatrical elements weaved into a dance party, and each one features a distinct theme from an era past — or perhaps one imagined. Our show in San Francisco, Bass Cabaret: the Queen of Pearls’ Mad Tea Party, is an Alice in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass variety show and theme party with burlesque acts portraying your favorite characters from the classic novels as well as some new ones. You are encouraged to participate in the party by wearing a costume, and there is always a costume contest judged by fellow audience members with handsome rewards.

We are pleased to announce RITUAL fashion as our headliner, with their haute couture line of fashion being featured in an avant-garde Wonderland-themed runway show alongside performing artists including pole acrobats, aerialists, contortionists, and more.

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Bass Cabaret: Queen of Pearls' Mad Tea Party

What is “Bass Cabaret”?

Cabaret is a style of variety entertainment that began in France around the turn of the 19th century, later flourishing in Germany and the United States. It typically includes music, dance, comedy, and short theatrical pieces. Bass Cabaret is a new concept which maintains the old-world charm of a traditional cabaret, combined with a modern taste in music. We define bass music loosely, but our flavor typically includes future bass, drum and bass, melodic dubstep, purple, and deep house.

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