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bass-cabaret-bonnie-and-clyde-jan-30Bass Cabaret: Bonnie & Clyde’s Wild Romance will take you back in time to the Prohibition era of 1920 to 1933, a time in American history when the flappers and dapper men defied social norms and the law by socializing with each other and drinking alcohol in illegal clubs called speakeasies — comparable to a modern day “underground.” Women put on makeup in public, wore dresses that revealed their ankles, and danced wildly. Law enforcement accepted bribes from mobsters in exchange for immunity. As economic recession turned into Depression, outlaws like Bonnie & Clyde were unfortunate products of their environment. It is their story, however, that inspires us to challenge the system, create our own path to freedom, and fight for love. We hope that you’ll join us in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and Bonnie & Clyde for a romantic journey back in time, enjoying some of the reckless abandon inspired by the counter-cultures before us.

This interactive show and theme party includes burlesque acts portraying the infamous couple, contortion by returning crowd favorite Hunny Bunny, aerial acts including tissu and lyra, swing dance performances, and acrobatics of all kinds. Two rooms will provide unique environments for your auditory and visual delight:

Swingin’ 1920s Speakeasy Lounge
Sexy 1930s Wild Western Saloon

Perfect as a date night or group outing, this Bonnie & Clyde themed costume party will provide an atmosphere for you to connect with others both on and off the dance floor while experiencing the radiance of bass music that hits you in your solar plexus!

These Beats Will Shake Your Bootleg

Would you be shocked if I changed into something more comfortable?

– Jean Harlow in Hell’s Angels, 1930

You might come dressed like a flapper or dapper sheik / 20’s and 30’s prohibition era darling / scandalous lingerie-clad hottie / cowgirl or cowboy running from the “laws” / jazz age zoot suit-wearing gangster / jailbird / smoking hot mobster / sideshow freak / circus performer / bohemian artist / raver / Burner. Your outfit may be formal, semi-formal, or sophisticated casual, just be sure to look sexy or you won’t be let into the Speakeasy!

Of course there will be a costume contest for the best Bonnie & Clyde couple. Prize is a one-of-a-kind “Bass Cabaret” flask AND $100 CASH!

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★ ★ Laura Low ★ ★


Deep, hyphy 808s mixed with heavy rolling melodic dub is the West Coast sound of Laura Low a.k.a. DJ LAURA.

Born and raised in Northern California, Laura Low has tapped into the West coast vibe while adding her own flare on the dance floor. She has been Djing for the last decade making her mark in the underground West coast scene. Laura is now producing and remixing dirty beats that roll through the dance floor dropping lows so deep that it’s undeniable you will feel her sound!

★ ★ Jillian Ann ★ ★


Jillian Ann will return to the Bass Cabaret stage for the second time on January 30th, 2015.  Her performances at Lightning in a Bottle 2013 and Burning Man’s Abraxas Dragon and Fractal Planet stages topped off a year of unforgettable live concert experiences for this "fashion model by day," "music producer / DJ by night" creative. After earning her place on the 2012 Beatport charts with her first wave of collaborations by Phutureprimitive, Knight Riderz, Love & Light, Phrenik, Kraddy, NiT GriT, and David Starfire (to name a few) and a debut at the Electric Daisy Carnival, Jillian Ann pushed her creative vision further to help co-create fashion, music, and art house RITUAL in Los Angeles.

“I wanted to fuse my love of the fashion world and the music world into something bigger than just a DJ show,” says Jillian Ann. “RITUAL allows me to create a fantasy of sight and sound with a more theatrical passion. We can bring in so many talented performers under one artistic vision and provide so much more to get lost in.”

From a recent feature by The Untz: “Sultry and sophisticated, the primal rawness of Jillian Ann’s vocals have been popping up on our radar more and more frequently… Synths shimmer and dance across the surface of Jillian’s liquid cool vox. But then the drop shatters the ice and waves of bass crash upon the shore. In its wake, delicate tablas ripple out from the powerful climax that absolutely exudes sex.”

★ ★ Subdocta ★ ★

(Reno, NV)

Subdocta is known for throwing down heavy bass, dubstep, trap, and electro swing too hot for the typical nightclub scene. His eclectic taste and excellent mixing skills have landed him support performances for the likes of Macklemore, Zeds Dead, and Baauer; DJ residencies for underground and late-night hotspots repeat performances for west coast production company Fresh Bakin’ and featured performances at festivals throughout Northern California and Nevada including The Bounce Festival and The Great Depressurization Chamber.

On nights the music aficionado is not performing as Subdocta he is also known to nationally and internationally touring bands as Preston Charles, sound monitor and engineer for Soulstice Sound and The Knitting Factory Concert House. His experience with hundreds of different concert experiences both on the stage and in the sound booth shine through his invigorating performances that can get a crowd completely hyped and ready to lose their minds for a headlining act; or raging, sweaty, and completely tapped out from dancing until the sunrise.

★ ★ Richard Xavier ★ ★

(Future Strange)

Richard Xavier likes to make people burst into spontaneous dance-floor orgies that last several days. When this is not an option you can find him digging through antique records, drinking too much coffee, and attempting to write the equation to jumpstart world peace using astrophysics and a large bacon-scented megaphone.

When he is not galavanting up and down the west-coast of the US with his crew of merry mischief makers Mr. Xavier can be found searching for his marbles in the Sierra Nevada mountains, trying to start avalanches with Soulstice Sound meyer subs and trying to convince people to throw away their cell phones.

★ ★ Knowa Lusion ★ ★

(Street Ritual)

Knowa Lusion is a Bay Area turntablist/producer and co-owner of the record label Street Ritual. He is considered one of the founders of Glitch Hop and an influential innovator in American bass music culture. Fans know Knowa as someone who vibes off of the crowd’s energy, directly connecting to his audience and raising them to a euphoric and ecstatic state. His live sets are funky, fun and have every single person on the dancefloor. Originally from the East Coast, Knowa began his professional career as a DJ, producer and promoter over a decade ago, cutting his teeth at raves and drum and bass events from New York to Miami. His first Hip Hop crew was recognized by The Zulu Nation, and the roots and values of Hip-Hop are still a strong influence on his music.

Knowa’s music combines banging midtempo and breakbeat with deep bass, glitchy sounds, ethnic rhythms, and psychedelia to create a sound that stands out as uniquely Knowa Lusion. Knowa has performed with almost every influential artist in electronic bass music, playing shows around the globe and festivals including Symbiosis Gathering, Burning Man, The Boom Festival (Portugal), and Electric Picnic (Ireland). Knowa has collaborated with many artists including Ill.Gates, David Starfire and The Human Experience. Knowa’s full length album with Sleepyhead as Knowsleep, released in 2008, put Knowa on the map as one of the pioneers for glitch hop and dubstep in the US. Knowa has been releasing music on San Francisco’s premiere bass music powerhouse label Muti Music for the last five years, and his production has been highly revered. As an innovator in bass music, Knowa was featured on the first Transnational Dubstep Compilation, released by Generation Bass and Six Degrees Records. His past releases as Knowa Knowone; “Free Energy”, “Noble Savage”, “Sound Paintings” and “Champagne and Kittens” have shown his ability to move effortlessly between Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Downtempo, and all the flavors of real Hip Hop. For rocking dancfloors and top notch production, look no further.


★ ★ Balance ★ ★

(San Francisco, CA)

★ ★ Hunny Bunny ★ ★

(Contortion / Burlesque)

Hunny Bunny fixes her lipstick backstage

Hunny Bunny is the bendy Barbie from the Barbary Coast! She has lit up stages from New York to LA but loves to call the bay "home."

★ ★ Eva Rose ★ ★


Eva Rose is a San Francisco burlesque dancer that's all sass and smiles! She is a weekly performer at Red Hots Burlesque.

★ ★ Lula Applebruise ★ ★

(Burlesque, Lyra)

★ ★ La Maison Aurora ★ ★

(Synchronized Aerial Silks)

★ ★ Auberon ★ ★

(Beats Antique / El Circo)

Auberon is a wild gypsy spirit with over 25 years of dance experience - 15 of them being on a professional level, she danced before walking. She couldn't get enough of it as a young kid, spending 5 hours a day dancing which included ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and gymnastics. After high school, she knew that creative movement was her key to keeping happy, so she dove into circus training and breakdancing, studied flamenco in Spain, and spent her days getting her double major in dance and international studies from UCSD as well as getting Hatha yoga certified. She studied and mastered a plethora of dance forms from hip hop, salsa, flamenco, african, bellydance and modern. This lead her to form a very eclectic fusion dance style. After dancing professionally with more than 5 dance companies of different styles, which included Urban Tribal Dance Company and Culture Shock and Atash Maya, she decided to dive into the Bay Area to join up with El Circo, a group known for their powerful avant-garde performances and high fashion.

She is now creative director and resident performer for the Supperclub Los Angeles and San Francisco and core performer and art director for El Circo. She is also seen in guest appearances with LowRIDERz and neo-burlesque with Mss Vee. Her newest venture is dancing with the epic band, Beats Antique, as the Bhoomi Girls. Teaching her urban contemporary flamenco and hip hop belly dance fusion class is one of her favorite things to do and will most definitely have you dancing outside of the box with a big smile on your face. Auberon also owns and runs va-shee metal by auberon which is a unique jewelry line designed by her. She loves life, kids, animals, humans, plants and loves to do anything to shake it up.

★ ★ Leah Marie ★ ★

(Pole Acrobat / Vau de Vire Society)

At the age of three, Leah was enrolled in her first ballet class. She grew up with a bun of hair on her head and a pair of pointe shoes thrown over her shoulders. She attended Denver School of the Arts for high school and graduated early to start on her bachelor’s degree. All the way through college she danced but it was not until four years past academia that she found herself on stage singing and acting in addition to dancing, when she starred in the production of Rocky Horror Show as Janet. She then went on to perform in HAIR and took on the role of choreographer. She has been pole dancing for 2 years and is in love with the apparatus, and has recently taken up photography.  She loves to capture beautiful women in photo shoots whether pinup, burlesque, boudoir, glamour or fashion and specializes in theatrical event photography. You can find her online at elleemmephotography.com

★ ★ Kirstin Brown ★ ★

(Pole Acrobatics)

Kirstin Brown is a performer of multiple styles. She currently performs with Rockabelly and Up Swing Aerial Dance Company. She loves combining belly dance and pole and is excited to share her fusion of dance with Bass Cabaret!

★ ★ Reshi ★ ★

(Swing Dance)

★ ★ Liddy Freeman ★ ★

(Swing Dance)

★ ★ Katrina Kroetch ★ ★

(Swing Dance)

★ ★ Lucia S. Diamonds ★ ★

(Stiltwalking / Tipsy Pixies)

★ ★ Aisha ★ ★

(Stiltwalking / Tipsy Pixies)

★ ★ Jim Sweeney ★ ★

(Emcee / Hubba Hubba Revue)

★ ★ Ariyana La Fey ★ ★

(Character Performer)

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