What to wear to “Queen Pearl’s Mad Tea Party” this Saturday in SF

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THIS SATURDAY November 22, San Francisco’s Mighty dance club will be transformed into a Wonderland like you’ve never seen before.  One loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s classic novels, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, but with some notable additions and re- interpretations.

The Queen of Pearls’ Mad Tea Party is being held as an un-birthday celebration for Pearl and all those within her Queendom, as well as those of the neighboring Queendoms of the Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and of course Hearts, and even those beyond the royal territories in the lands Far Far Away including those from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and beyond. No matter your royal heritage or lack therof, you will want to be sure to dress the part.  The Queen of Hearts in particular is very strict about dress code, and we wouldn’t want to lose any heads over it (if you know what I mean).

A general guideline would be:

Something Sexy -or- Something Silly
Something Steampunk -or- Something Frilly
Monochromatic Red, Black, or White
Like a Suit of Cards to Spend the Night
Leather Corset, Lace-up Boots
An Un-birthday Dress -or- A Birthday Suit*

* don’t really do this last one, we’ll get in trouble.

You may dress in all red, black, or white to show your allegiance with one of the following suits, which commonly appear in a deck of cards:

  • HEARTS, ruled by the Queen of Hearts, dress in red and represent hedonistic delight and lustful desire
  • DIAMONDS, also in red, are ruled by the Jack and Jane of Diamonds and represent artistic expression including fashion and music
  • SPADES, ruled by the Ace of Spades and dressing all in black, represent luck and chance
  • CLUBS, also in black, are ruled by the Nobiles of Clubs and, as the keepers of the Queendoms, represent power and strength
  • PEARLS in iridescent pearly white and ruled by the Queen of Pearls, represent resilience and beauty

Feel free to come as a queen, king, princess, knight, jack / jane, or any other royalty.

You could even read the original Lewis Carroll books online to get ideas — they are free: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Dress in anything else you can think of that resembles an Alice in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass character, such as a dancing flower, a pink flamingo, or a mushroom. Get creative! Just don’t forget your dancing shoes and your happy feet.

Bonus: when you purchase your tickets, you will find information on special discounts at local SF costume shops on the confirmation page. Did you get your tickets yet?

"Party Girl" Pearl has arrived in the SF Bay Area, harvested from a virgin oyster where she had been cultured since the early 1910's. She began throwing elaborate costume parties in the 1920's on land, and by the early 2000's had become a part of the emerging electronic dance music scene. Today, Pearl blends these worlds with burlesque and the circus arts and creates immersive experiences for party-goers while supporting causes like women’s empowerment and water conservation.

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