Bass Cabaret Interviews Liquid Love Drops a.k.a. Jocelyn [Club Exotica /Serpent’s Lair / Get Freaky / Booty Trap]

Liquid Love Drops

Pronounced Jocelyn with a long ‘O’, Liquid Love Drops, also known by the moniker Love Jocelyn is a long-time DJ who has produced several popular underground, electronic music events in the San Francisco Bay Area like Get Freaky, Booty Trap, and Club Exotica. This Mills-educated creatress and hustler has also tried her hand in original music production, some of which she intends to exclusively feature at Bass Cabaret: Queen of Pearls’ Mad Tea Party this weekend.

While Jocelyn has a long-standing following under the name “Love Jocelyn,” she has begun production under the name Liquid Love Drops and intends to reserve Jocelyn for event production and other musical endeavors.  Her newer sound is defined as globally influenced, liquid bass, that feels dark, and enchanting and provides a hallucinatory experience for your body.  Miss Liquid Love Drops is a multi-genre bass musician, however she is likely to have a heavy-hitting bass music set for our Alice in Wonderland-inspired event.

Expect the unexpected, and come ready to hear a DJ set with original production from Jocelyn’s Liquid Love Drops project including an exclusive track created just for Bass Cabaret! 


Bass Cabaret: What is it like being a female producer in a very heavily male-dominated industry? 

Liquid Love Drops: I definitely have to be very – I just have to make sure I get represented I guess! I’ve learned so much in all of this, I’m not super shy really, in fact, speak my mind quite largely, and sometimes even have to hold back from speaking what I really feel because I’ve learned that it’s not always the best…What I don’t like, to be honest, is I don’t really like being at the “All Girl Lineup”…there’s never the “All Boy Lineup.” But I think it’s great that this Bass Cabaret, this particular one, is for the most part females – and PartyGirl Pearl does this and I do this when I pick my lineups – sometimes it just turns out to be a lot of females and it’s because the people that are doing music that I like a lot are often females.

Bass Cabaret: You’re a professional artist – what does your week look like typically?

Liquid Love Drops: I pretty much plan parties, make music, manage an apartment building in Berkeley, and I do a little massage, and I’m a mom! I have a 14-year old son. He’s super cool and I run everything by him and he tells me if it’s cool enough. He’s Kid Krunk and he has a couple of things out there, and he has like 700 fans…the time he performed at Symbiosis, he had to stand on a crate!

Bass Cabaret: What sort of sound are you planning on bringing to your Queen of Pearls’ set?

Liquid Love Drops: I definitely bring on the twerk, because that’s really popular right now, people love it – especially for my DJ sets; it’s the tempo that I’m really into playing around that 90-to-100 BPM hip-hop style meets EDM kind of sound… but I also always, even when I play twerk, I draw globally for my sounds – so I mix things up or play things that have been mixed that sound like they are from other ethnic places of sounds and music, because I  think that keeps it musical and interesting and not just so like, cranking, EDM, rave-type. I think that’s important especially maybe not for the twenty year olds, but for people who have been listening to music for a while, they like that diversity of sound.

Bass Cabaret: Do you know what you’re going to dress up as for the event?

Liquid Love Drops: I do! I am definitely going to be the Queen of Diamonds or Queen of Hearts.


You can keep track of Liquid Love Drops through her Website and Facebook fan page. Be sure to catch her set tomorrow night, November 22, 2014 at Mighty dance club in San Francisco.

Alicia is a freelance Bass Music & EDM culture scribe who has written for @DJZ and currently contributes to @YourEDM. She is the resident writer @BassCabaret. She also likes to ride her bike.

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This weekend...soooo psychedelic and MAD yes MAD! Thank you and big applause to PartyGirl Pearl for putting together such a great line up of music and talent! - Love Jocelyn