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Oct 8

How to Say “I’m Drunk” Like a Flapper

What kind of drunk are you? A creative connoisseur whose palette gets less and less refined as the night goes on, or an i-love-everyoneeee happy-go-lucky drunk? A falling-over-can’t-stop-drinking-till-they-kick-me-out kinda drunk? And what about your drunken vocabulary, does it get more sophisticated or less as you stare down that empty glass? Maybe you’re the type to use colorful language to describe your state of intoxication (I’m lit, blitzed, buzzed, saucy)? Maybe you describe your state of being (I’m feelin’ it, I’m goooood). Or, maybe you’re more literal Read Post ›

Nov 21

Who is Party Girl Pearl?

Producer and designer “PartyGirl” Pearl has been throwing theme parties for as long as she can remember. The name Pearl was given to her on the playa at Burning Man in 2011 (the same year as the dubstep invasion) and she carried it into the default world when she began taking burlesque classes with Bombshell Betty and Red Hots Burlesque. The “PartyGirl” part was added for irony, as both an attendee and a producer of parties. As a burlesque performer, Read Post ›

Nov 5

#JustShowUp to support local performing arts and burlesque!

As we mourn the loss of the 7-year-old Uptown Nightclub in Oakland who is closing its doors later this week, it is important to remember that this could have been prevented. At last night’s farewell Hubba Hubba Revue show, the audience was packed in like sardines in a brilliant show of support by the Bay Area burlesque community. Emcee Jim Sweeney aka Kingfish remarked that if everyone had been showing up in such great numbers all along, the Uptown would Read Post ›

Sep 22

What Exactly is a Cabaret?

Cabaret is a style of variety entertainment, typically including music, dance, comedy, and short theatrical pieces. It was an immensely popular form of entertainment throughout the 19th century, sometimes featuring circus acts along with the more common musical and dance numbers. You have to understand the way I am, Mein Herr. A tiger is a tiger – not a lamb, Mein Herr. You’ll never turn the vinegar to jam, Mein Herr. So I do, what I do… When I’m through, Read Post ›