the Queen of Pearl’s Mad Tea Party 2014 ft. Jillian Ann & RITUAL fashion – Event Recap

Bass Cabaret: Queen of Pearls' Mad Tea PartyOn in San Francisco, Bass Cabaret: the Queen of Pearls’ Mad Tea Party came to life, based on the classic Lewis Carroll novels “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.”  This interactive show and theme party boasted burlesque acts portraying favorite characters from the novels such as the Cheshire Cat and the Jabberwocky as well as some new ones including the Queen of Spades and the Queen of Pearls herself (played by Party Girl Pearl).

This seventh installment of Bass Cabaret featured RITUAL fashion as a headliner, combining their couture fashion line in an avant-garde Wonderland-themed runway show, new interactive areas including a Mad Tea Party room with a traditional tea service, sexy caterpillar hookah lounge, art installations, and intelligent lighting design.

Performing artists included pole acrobats, burlesque artists, bellydancers, a stilt walker, and even a violinist hailing from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and of course, San Francisco.

Guests dressed in Wonderland-appropriate attire ranging from couture to bizarre. Check out all of the guest photos on our Bass Cabaret Partygoer facebook profile dedicated to the people that make the real magic happen (yes, you). Don’t forget to tag yourselves and your friends on both the partygoer and the official facebook page.

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♠ ♣ RITUAL ♠ ♣

(Jillian Ann & Cassidy Haley)

RITUAL Fashion Breathe Collection 4

Jillian & Cassidy delivered a rock-star performance including live instrumentals, vocals, dance, and of course their signature couture fashion including a brand new, all-leather Alice outfit worn by Jillian, created specifically for this event.

♠ ♣ Ray Gunn ♠ ♣

(2013 King of Burlesque)

Ray Gunn brought two unique acts to the stage for the Queen of Pearls’ Mad Tea Party. He opened the “cabaret” portion of the evening with a pole performance as the dodo bird (in case you didn’t get the pun – dodo birds don’t fly). Later on in the night, he performed a truly stunning Jabberwocky act to a bass-heavy track by Amon Tobin, finishing with a sparkly pink wingspan and less than a G-string to cover his… ahem, man parts. Cats and dodos and jabberwockys, oh my!

♠ ♣ Jocelyn ♠ ♣

(Club Exotica, Booty Trap)

Jocelyn pulled out all the stops for this party, producing an entirely new track which was used for our curtain call, kicking off her energetic end-of-the-night set.

♠ ♣ Dulce Vita ♠ ♣

(Opulent Temple)

♠ ♣ HÄANA ♠ ♣

(Bass Frequencies, Violin + Vocals)

♠ ♣ Carbon & Stardust ♠ ♣

(Ariana Satayathum, Christopher Charles)

♠ ♣ Eve Exothermal ♠ ♣

(Pole Acrobatics)

♠ ♣ Gitsie Glitter ♠ ♣


♠ ♣ Analisa Nelson ♠ ♣


♠ ♣ Pearl's Party Girls ♠ ♣

(Interactive Dance Troupe)

♠ ♣ Eva D'Luscious ♠ ♣


♠ ♣ Hunny Bunny ♠ ♣

(Contortion / Burlesque)

Hunny Bunny fixes her lipstick backstage

Hunny Bunny, the “Bendy Barbie from the Barbary Coast” performed two gravity-defying, utterly incredible contortion acts as a beautifully lithe flower from Wonderland.

Stilt walking. Card tricks. A real, live bunny. Naughty secrets.

Burlesque Star: Pearl E. Gates

At the entrance to the Queen of Pearls’ mad tea room, hidden in the back of the venue, guests were met by local burlesque icon Pearl E. Gates.  Just like the Alice in Wonderland movie, Pearl gave them a task: guests must post a tweet or status update to receive their key to the United Queendom beyond. Participants were given a skeleton key to pass through the door.  Once inside, partygoers could sit down to receive a traditional tea ceremony served up by some of San Francisco’s tea community, who were clad in their best pearly whites.

Meriana Dinkova, MFT

Meriana Dinkova, MFT

Guests who went down (or up) the rabbit hole were also given the chance to ask all the questions they could never ask before about sex, love, and alternative relationships in a special corner of the room hosted by Robert Silber and Meriana Dinkova, a dynamic duo of sex-positive energy and enthusiasm that provided a unique Divine / Profane Love & Sex Advice booth.

In addition, guests were entertained by a Mad Hatter / magician named Barra-Kuda — a mentalist, shape-shifter, card reader and levitation specialist who has been performing for seven years across the globe.  He came toting a real live rabbit named Booda; this beautiful bunny communicates thru telepathy and reveals the wisdom and secrets of the ages to those with keen ears.

Costume Contest

Members of one of the Royal Courts — hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs, or pearls were instructed to wear either pearly white, ruby red or beautiful black to show their alignment to the various suits. Outfits ranged from formal to upscale casual.  Many guests came from the lands Far, Far Away and were dressed as Victorian / Steampunk dolls, Cheshire felines, sensual caterpillars, Mad Hatters and Hattresses, flora and fauna, white rabbits, mermaids / mermen, unicorns, and some that to this day remain unidentifiable.

Other Fun Facts

  • This event was 100% paperless in an effort to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Several hashtags were featured including #VoicesHavePower and #WhoAreYou for the tea room and hookah lounge, respectively.

Check the facebook event page to see which of your friends went.

"Party Girl" Pearl has arrived in the SF Bay Area, harvested from a virgin oyster where she had been cultured since the early 1910's. She began throwing elaborate costume parties in the 1920's on land, and by the early 2000's had become a part of the emerging electronic dance music scene. Today, Pearl blends these worlds with burlesque and the circus arts and creates immersive experiences for party-goers while supporting causes like women’s empowerment and water conservation.

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